Non-collateralized nature of structured products

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Economic calendar

Hong Kong economic data
United States economic data
2019-09-05 Statistics on vessels, port cargo and containers for 2nd Quarter 2019
2019-09-09 Quarterly business receipts indices for service industries for 2nd Quarter 2019
2019-09-10 Statistics on trade involving outward processing in the mainland of China for 2nd Quarter 2019
2019-09-11 Construction output statistics for 2nd Quarter 2019
2019-09-12 Index of industrial production and producer price index for the industrial sector for 2nd Quarter 2019
2019-09-16 Gross National Income and external primary income flows for 2nd Quarter 2019
2019-09-17 Unemployment and underemployment statistics for Jun - Aug 2019
2019-09-17 Volume and price statistics of external merchandise trade for July 2019
2019-09-19 Employment and vacancies statistics for June 2019
2019-09-19 Chain volume measures of Gross Domestic Product by economic activity for 2nd Quarter 2019
2019-09-20 Consumer Price Index for August 2019
2019-09-23 Balance of Payments and International Investment Position statistics for 2nd Quarter 2019
2019-09-26 External merchandise trade statistics for August 2019
2019-09-26 Wage and payroll statistics for June 2019
2019-09-30 Monetary Statistics for August 2019